Clasp Hoop Earrings - Granulated Cowrie Shell


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Adorn yourself with the beauty of these earrings, showcasing stunning Cowrie Shell charms delicately hanging from clasped gold-filled hoops. Choose to wear them with the charms or remove for a more simplified look. A perfect addition to your jewelry trove, effortlessly enhancing every outfit with their understated yet captivating allure.

In the ancient world, Cowrie shells were valued as amulets. The resemblance of the evil eye is thought to ward off bad spirits. Cowries are also knows as the symbol of femininity and fertility with women wearing them not only to help conceive but also give birth.  In some African cultures, the cowrie was used as currency. This shell in endemic to Hawai’i and is exceptionally beautiful!

- Gold Filled Hoops and Findings
- Cowrie Shell

- 18mm Hoop
- 25mm Stone

*Please note each shell is natural, there will be unique qualities to each set of earrings.