Clasp Hoop Shell Pile Earrings | Moonstone + Cowrie


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Feel the gentle murmur of the ocean as you wear these earrings. Embellished with handpicked Hawaiian seashells by our mermaids, paired with exquisite Moonstone Beads, these dangling beauties capture the essence of the sea with every sway. Crafted in our Haiku Studio, they bring a touch of mermaid magic to your everyday style.

Moonstone has been since the beginning a stone that connects one to the magic of the moon and the natural rhythms of life. A stone of wishes, intuition, and balance, it brings all to you that is needed. Moonstone helps to open the heart, accept love and enhance self-acceptance and expression. Moonstone is the birthstone for June and corresponds with the astrological signs of Gemini and Cancer.

- Hawaiian Sea Shells
- Aquamarine Beads
- Gold Filled Metal Hoops and Findings 

- 18mm Diameter Hoop
- 3.75" Length

*Please note each shell is natural, there will be unique qualities to each set of earrings.