Trillion Sunstone Necklace - 14k RG


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Dive into the magic of this trillion-shaped Sunstone pendant, radiating with enchanting brilliance! Its captivating pink and orange hues dance and shimmer in the light. Wearing this necklace will infuse your life with inspiration and strength, igniting a whimsical journey of self-discovery.

Sunstone is known to boost self-discipline, faith, and the desire to serve a greater good. As an inspiration stone, it bestows freedom, independence, and happiness. Sunstone is said to reduce fear, alleviate stress and bring good luck to your life. A stone of power, it brings in abundance, independence, strength, mental clarity, and expanded consciousness to the wearer.

- 14k Rose Gold
- Sunstone

- 16" Length Chain
- 11mm x 11mm Stone
- 6.7 cts.