November's Birthstones- Citrine & Topaz



Citrine has long been remarked upon for its subtle, honeyed beauty. Also known as the “Light Maker,” the Citrine crystal has a bright yellow hue, which reflects it’s equally vibrant energy. Like Vitamin C for the soul, the Citrine crystal properties emanate positivity and joy. By connecting with Citrine, you can harness the energy of light and the energy of the sun, which acts as a source of positive energy in all aspects of your life.
The origin of the name of this beautiful gemstone comes from the Sanskrit word for fire. This certainly evokes very clearly its essence. Topaz is a true expression of fire energy and it has been associated with it since ancient times in many cultures. It is a stone of nobility, love, passion and purpose. Because of its fiery energy, this sun-filled gemstone is associated with high self-esteem and good fortune and a great gemstone to strengthens trust in one's inner power and abilities.