Drupe + Cowrie Shell Pile Necklace - Grandidierite


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Fit for a mermaid, you can almost hear the ocean when wearing this necklace. Adorned on a simple gold chain is a mix of Hawaiian seashell pendants have been hand picked by our very own mermaids. Featuring Drupe and Cowrie Shells and a Grandidierite teardrop bead. Hand crafted in our Haiku Studio. 

Grandidierite carries a profound and meaningful energy, often associated with concepts of harmony, clarity, and truth. It is believed to resonate with the heart and throat chakras, facilitating open and honest communication, self-expression, and emotional healing.

- Hawaiian Sea Shells 
- Grandidierite 
- Gold Filled chain + findings

- Shells + Beads 10mm - 18mm
- 18" Length Satellite Chain