The Historic Pauwela Cannery in Haiku

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I almost feel like the Pauwela Cannery is my home away from home. I go there everyday to create, photograph and present the goods we are showing here on our site and storefront. I decided to see what I could find about this little old cannery and stumbled upon this July 1920's Maui News Paper.

Needless to say, it was fun to sip a cup of coffee on saturday morning and see where the cannery was almost 96 years ago. Our industrial oasis in the Haiku jungle was just finishing being built after "The new cannery has been delayed to considerable extent by difficulty in getting building materials, now under steam and the machinery is rapidly being placed. It is expected that it will begin canning within the next few days, and after it has caught the swing will be able to greatly relieve the situation" [370 tons of pineapple being canned per day at the Baldwin Pineapple Cannery].

The Pauwela Cannery does not can any more pineapple. Sadly, there is hardly any pineapple farming on Maui or Oahu any more. The sugar cane fields are stopping production. Constant change is here to stay.

If you want to check out the whole newspaper from July 9,1920 click here

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