About Us

Best friends Samantha Howard and Melody Torres started Wings Hawai'i fresh out of college at UH Manoa, after the hand-crafted garments and jewelry they'd sold in their dorms took off and led to wholesale orders, craft fairs, and boutique sales. Wings Hawai'i soared out of their desire to celebrate the free-spirited, breezy lifestyle of their island home. Inspired by the fierce beauty of the ocean, the brand seeks to empower all the mermaids, beach bums, and sun-kissed lovers of the world to smile, be happy, and shine...

our philosophy

We are rooted in mindfulness, eco-consciousness, and radical kindness. All our items are handmade in our workshop on Maui's North Shore by local artisans using sustainable materials like organic cotton, bamboo fibers, non-toxic dyes, and reclaimed metals and fabric. They're made to be both beautiful and comfortable—as in, "barefoot walks along the ocean shore at sunset" beautiful and comfortable. The handmade nature of our store celebrates the island, its community of locals and travelers, and the wild nature all around us.