Why Having a Home Garden is so Important

Posted by Samantha Howard on

Here at Wings we feel at home in the ocean, but, we do think its as important to spend a little time digging in the dirt. With Earth-day having just passed we are reminded of how important our planet is to the survival of ALL living beings that inhabit it.  Something we can each do is plant a home-garden.

Home-gardens can be a great source of inspiration for the mind, body and soul. My morning ritual of checking the garden for fresh sprouted seeds, newly formed veggies or familiar long standing herbs is like a meditation. It is one of my favorite times of day. It gives me a chance to quiet my mind. Watch the insects go about their business and start with a fresh outlook.

Your home garden needs no boundaries! It can be a low-maintenance succulent in a pot to raised beds of rows of veggies. Enjoy the fun of watching your plants grow, the flavors of fresh herbs in your salads and the pleasure of watching a flower bloom. These are all things that keep my mind bright throughout the day.



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