My Internship at Wings

Posted by Rio Paranto on

Responsibility, creativity, organization, and an open mind are all major
elements I have been exposed to during my awe-inspiring internship at Wings Hawai'i. From being surrounded by the positive and innovative people who all have visions in their mind that are brought to life, to experiencing the hands on aspects of the business myself. Not only have my eyes been opened to the vast array of oppurtunties among fashion, but it also taught me that with    perserverance, a vision, and an open mindset I can create anything of my own.
I met Samantha Howard simply because it is a small small world. However, I never would have thought it would lead me to the recognition of her amazing self made business and partners that modeled Wings Hawai'i into the orginal and inspirational company that it is. I began an internship with the goal to introduce myself to new passions, learn new styles of working and further myself in the fashion world.  However, what I received was much more than I ever envisioned.
In addition to learning organizational skills, sewing and cutting fabrics, jewelry making, editing, photography, website design, and modeling, I have been surrounded by positive encouraging beings whose imaginations run wild as they create anything from almost nothing, and expand and grow themselves in addition to their business everyday. I will utilize my experiences and knowledge of each component of creating and running a business, to developing any dreams of my own by taking away the guidance and tools taught to me only at Wings Hawai'i.   
Exploring different outfits through fun themed shoots, bring every component together for a unique look into the Wings style. 


  • . . . 14.06.27 14:30 hst ≠ Yeah ! The Wings ® women inspire us all on a daily basis , be you performing or graphic artists . We <3 /s , a dad and the sons :D

    dr. dosh on

  • Rio! Love it!! You have been a great addition to the Team! Our eclectic assistant!! You are so talented I cannot wait to see what you accomplish :) xo

    Samantha Howard on

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