My Summer Internship at Wings Hawai'i

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Living in Pauwela, I have watched Wings Hawai’i grow since their move to Maui. I met Samantha, Melody, and Becky when I was 12 years old and I have been inspired by their motivation and style ever since.
When I graduated high school I had somewhat of an idea about what I wanted to do with my life. With my passion for art and interest in business I began my path as a marketing major. Coming home from my first year of college, I was planning on getting a summer job in retail. But when applying to Wings Hawai’i, I was offered something even more beneficial to my future: an internship.
With an open, enthusiastic mind I started the behind the scenes work for Wings Hawai’i. From editing campaign photographs to wiping down the studio doors, my experience at Wings Hawai’i both educated and humbled me. They introduced me to a different work ethic and an ’Ohana that is constantly encouraging new ideas and opinions. I was able to let my creativity flow whilst collaborating with other’s ideas, producing personal touches to each creation. I am always in complete awe seeing the unique and one-of-a-kind products Wings Hawai’i creates on a day-to-day basis.From the jewelry to the swimsuits, everything is either handmade or remade. Meaning that every piece of merchandise 
has been touched with Aloha. The fact that I had a hand in some of these creations makes my internship much more significant. The most rewarding and motivating part, however, was seeing the edits I created on the Wings Hawai’i’s media sites. 
Over the course of my internship I have learned that to be successful you need a great deal of patience, responsibility, perseverance, and most of all: a dream.
As my summer draws to a close, these lessons will inevitably help me as I pursue my future. I currently plan on finishing 
school with a Bachelor’s in Business with an emphasis in Marketing. From there I am going to see where fate takes me. Prior to Wings Hawai’i, I had no surefire idea of what I wanted to be once I finished school. After my experience here, I can honestly say that that I want to be a Content Strategist. Creating campaign ads and all the other behind the scenes work that I have done for Wings Hawai’i has opened my eyes to a brand new passion. As I honed my photo editing abilities and creative eye, I have acquired skills in time management and teamwork. 
As hands-on and educational as my classes are, I would have never been able to learn these talents without the help of Wings Hawai’i.I have been truly blessed to stumble upon this amazing opportunity. This whole experience has only encouraged me to further myself in the marketing world and I could not be more grateful to the remarkable founders of Wings Hawai’i. They saw potential in me and by taking me under their wing, they allowed me to grow as a person.


  • Mahalo newe to you ladies from Wings Hawai’i for spotting that special creative “something” in her and for giving her this fortunate opportunity to grow creatively.

    Julie Sides McMackin on

  • Nice article! Good Luck to You! Ü

    Alison on

  • Mahalo Samantha, Melody and Becky for giving her this wonderful experience and opportunity to be under the wings of you three of Wings Hawai’i.

    Nancy Napua Ohashi on

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