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We were so lucky to be invited to the home of blogger Adrienne McDonald for lunch. She writes a pretty incredible blog of recipes and her exploits in healthy living. "If I can inspire one person to try even one vegan meal a day I am so stoked" Adrienne says of why she started this. She wants to share her love of veggies and amazing way of preparing them, all while getting her degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Hawai'i.

Greeted with a smile, an absolutely adorable home and a table set for four; we knew we were in for a wonderful treat.

Adrienne had prepared sweet potato sushi with a citrus soy dipping sauce which I would like to pour over every salad I ever make. The sushi is rolled with sweet potatoes instead of rice making for the most striking color display I have ever seen! here's the link to her recipe and directions:

We were given three sauces for dipping, the above mentioned citrus-soy, tofu "mayo" and a peanut coconut dream. The tofu had a silkiness to it that I had never imagined possible. I highly encourage checking it out:

We were served fresh spring rolls with mint, pineapple and jalapeno and delicious Nori handrolls with Turmeric rice and Avocado. She knocked our socks off, filled us up and fueled us for the second half of our day. The food was packed with energy and didn't weigh us down. Just when we thought the feast was over she snuck back inside to return with dessert. Macha Truffles are as amazing as they sound. Adrienne explained that the Macha powder actually gets you all of the nutritional value and benefits of Green Tea more than a brewed tea since you are actually eating the leaf as powder. I can't wait to try the recipe on my own.
Mahalo Nui Loa Adrienne for an amazing lunch and tons of Inspiration! We can't wait to see what's coming next!

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  • The food is gorgeous! Love your jewelry – so pretty!

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