Behind the scenes with Maui Photographer Cadencia

Posted by Samantha Howard on

Living on Maui has its benefits. Being surrounded by amazing scenery and inspired people is definitely one of them.

We met before the sun came up on a Saturday morning at the Pauwela Cannery, the home base location of Wings Hawai'i.  We caravaned up the hill to the Makawao Forest Reserve. We wanted to achieve the look and feel of Fall in our tropical paradise so this 3000' Elevation location had everything including the cold weather.

We watched the sun peak through the rows of trees, create an angelic light and make every bit of the morning as magical as these pictures feel.

The forest was empty this early and silent. We had an arsenal of cameras, home grown flowers and brand new exciting goods we are so excited to share with you.

Check out more of Cadence's work on her website


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