What I Got....

What I Got....

Posted by Samantha Howard on





Island livin'. It's more than just a lifestyle, it effects your very being right down to your core.

Wake up in the morning, soak up the sunshine, and make sure you get your body in the ocean every-single-day.

Doesn't take much out here to keep your everyday needs met. A simple diet, a simple commute, and a simple way of life.

An average workday for us: wake up, grab an acai bowl +with shaved coconut, head down to the ocean for a pre-work dip, crawl our 90s pathfinder to the shop, serve up shell adorned aloha all day long, head back to the beach for the last of the late summer sunset, a garden dinner, red wine and ukulele session at the house and in bed before midnight.....

lucky we live Hawaii.


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