BTS: Holiday 17 Photoshoot Olinda, Maui

BTS: Holiday 17 Photoshoot Olinda, Maui

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 Our photoshoots start with one thing, a great idea. That idea transforms as the collection comes together. A theme develops, a location is found and the story boards begin. So much work goes into every detail and we wanted to share a little bit about some of that process. If you're interested in more, feel free to leave comments and ask questions, we would love to know your thoughts.
Here is our designers sketchbook:
Pink Floyd sketch book
  Inside you will find pages and pages of ideas; which locations at the site you would like      to  use, what outfits and jewelry combinations for each location, who will wear them and     what props if any we would like to include to tell the story better. 
Photoshoot Story Board
Being a brand that is patterning, cutting, sewing and dying our garments there are a lot of steps to completing a collection. First we decide our color palette for the season. Then we decide which of our basics we would like to repeat, and finally which of our newest styles we have been dying to try out we will use. Then we figure out what we are missing and get cutting!
Sometimes you have no choice but to roll with the punches, this bolt was supposed to be white! We are so happy that this amazing color arrived instead. Better to find joy in  the mistakes rather than to pause on them, so we shifted gears, ordered white and made some really beautiful pieces in this lovely fig. 
cutting tank top pattern   
Hopefully our collection is complete a day or so ahead of shooting, but usually there are finishing touches going up to the last day. We had a dream team coming together on the day of, Chrissy Swink of, Melia Sorenson from www.melialucidaphotography, an amazing location from a long-time friend, and lovely models Lucy Thompson and Wyatt Piro. Myself (Sam) and Melody from Wings Hawaii were able, with everyones help, to keep the shoot rolling and the girls styled and catch every opportunity while the sun was still up in our short window. It was a great group of people and a lovely fall day at the top of Olinda road on Maui. We didn't get hit with rain until we were safely in the Greenhouse and it was really magical. The whole day was a reminder of how awesome our community is when we all come together to lift each other up, inspire better work and build camaraderie between all of our different fields. We are truly stronger together than we are alone.  
Photographer standing on chair to get the shot
Melia getting in the perfect position to get the shot- this perspective through the Amaranth flower yielded some of my favorite pictures.
Looking into the greenhouse window
We have dreamt of shooting in this location for over a year and before that it was totally in our dreams. Everything about it - Love. Getting to style it out with all of our home grown and Maui grown flowers from Floralia Hawaii @floraliahawaii on instagram and Petaloom Floral Farm here on Maui was such a treat. I wish that I could spend real life in this amazing location, but if even for a day, it was totally worth it!
                 Chandelier inside greenhouse greenhouse inside tea set   Lavendar potomic snapdragon


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