How to Cleanse Your Crystal Jewelry

How to Cleanse Your Crystal Jewelry

Posted by Shelby Ohashi-Sides on

Along with being stunning, crystals are notorious for their healing and therapeutic potential. The best way to sync up your energies and maximize that potential? Through wearing handmade crystal jewelry of course! Absorbing and protecting you from negative energy all day long, these gems hold onto that energy until they are cleansed.

So what is the best way to keep your crystal gems energized and active?

Using Another Crystal
Just like absorbing energy from you and the environment around you, placing your handmade jewelry on top of a crystal cluster for at least 6 hours. This is the easiest way to cleanse your day to day energies and re-energize them for the next day. Be sure to clear your cleansing crystals using one of the following methods!

Put It In The Ground
Placing your gems directly into the earth overnight is a great way to keep your crystals grounded and refreshed to serve you on another day. A natural cloth can be used to keep them from getting dirty or you can even in the branches of a healthy houseplant if you rather!

Bathe In Sunlight and Moonlight
And if you rather leave your gems out for the elements of nature without burying them, a few hours bathing in either sunlight or moonlight can do the trick! Place them on a vintage jewelry dish fully exposed and let nature do its work.

When In Doubt, Smoke It Out
Smudging is widely known to cleanse your space of negative vibes and it does just the same for your crystals. Simply hold your jewelry in the smoke of the burning sage stick for between 3-4 minutes until your piece feels at peace.

A clogged and otherwise dirty gem could be more potentially harmful than therapeutic, making you actually feel less than stellar. And if you are looking to get into some crystal healing, we have just about everything you need!


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