Mermaid Guide - Best Maui Beaches

Mermaid Guide - Best Maui Beaches

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As true real-life mermaids, we draw most of our inspiration from the sea. The sparkling ocean blue is a powerful maiden and she influences a lot of what we do here at Wings Hawaii. From our staple Ti Leaf Bangles to the classic Bay Club Puka necklace and all the goodness in between, you are sure to find hints of the natural gems that we have personally come across. When we are not chatting with customers in the Paia boutique or off creating in the studio, we are enjoying the Hawaiian sun kissing our cheeks at one of the best Maui beaches.

The coastline right before Lahaina offers the chance to glide over the cool, glassy ocean water on a stand-up paddleboard as well as snag a colorful glimpse of the underwater world beneath the surface. Officially across mile marker 14, simply grab your snorkel and hop in! Here you are sure to see a number of marine wildlife clearly and with the initial shallow waters makes this the perfect spot for families.

Makena Beach Park
With over 1.5 miles of white-sand and three entrances, there is no wonder this beach is commonly referred to as “Bigs”. The uninterrupted view of neighboring island Kaho’olawe along with the famous Molokini makes this is a popular spot for locals and visitors alike to spend some fun in the sun! You can typically find a number of people swimming and boogie boarding or even just hanging out with a chilled beer. And the best part? You rarely feel crowded despite the number of people that can frequent the park on any given day.

Koki Beach
So you survived the Road to Hana and have made your way to one of the East Maui beaches. Not only is this one of the island’s more beautiful beach destinations but it is also one rich in Hawaiian history. This is a great summer spot for sunbathers and an exciting place to explore since there is an abundance of ocean gems to discover!

Hookipa Beach Park
As the in-between of Paia and Haiku, Hookipa is one of the best places to surf in Maui. A number of legends in the surfer community frequent these north shore waves and a few of our finned friends are known to make an appearance. Whether you are looking to catch an ocean ride or lay out in the warm sunshine with the honu (sea turtles) that come up for an afternoon snooze, you are sure to enjoy a beach day here at Hookipa!

Baldwin Beach Park
Near and dear to our heart, as well as our little waystation, Baldwin is the beach for just about anything. From early morning runs for shell hunting to romantic strolls, you definitely will find a home for this Paia beach in your life! The memories are almost endless and we hope that you enjoy these sandy shores almost as much as we do.

Maui is well known for its beaches and these are just a few of our favorite places to get our feet sandy. What Maui beach is your favorite? Stop by and tell us all about it!


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