Preparing For Disaster

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If you are keeping up with current events, or experiencing it first hand, you may have noticed the most recent brush the Hawaiian Islands had with mother nature. While Hurricane Lane just grazed us, it was a very real reminder of just how powerful and wild the elements can be.

“Prepare for the worst, hope for the best” was a common theme amongst the news channels and it is something that we would like you to keep in mind as we are still in the thick of hurricane season.

Things to do sooner than later:

Review Your Emergency Plan (or Create One)
Find the safest area within your home and be sure to share it with your household. Wind, rainfall, and storm surges can all affect your home and more importantly your safety depending on where you are located. Have an idea what needs to be done to safely secure that area and set aside the time to do so if an advisory has been issued.

Check Your Supplies
If you were out shopping for supplies the day before Lane was projected to hit, you probably noticed that most places were wiped of some disaster necessities like water, gas, wood, and nonperishable goods. Collecting a few of these items, if not all, over time would be in your best interest for future natural disasters. Plus, you can avoid the crazed crowds!

Secure Important Documents
In the state of real emergency, you might need to evacuate your home and quickly. To avoid scrambling to get the insurance cards, IDs, and other pertinent documentation, we encourage you to gather all of that ahead of time and store it in a waterproof container. This way you can easily get your essentials packed and head to a safer area without the unnecessary panic.

Figure Out Your Evacuation Route
While shelters may not be posted until the threat is a little closer, it is always good to be aware of the different routes you can take to get out of your area. If a hurricane is approaching, ensure that you have a full tank of gas and a planned route to get your family to safety.

We would like also suggest ensuring your vehicle's safety in the event you will need to evacuate. Be aware of your vehicle’s surroundings and if at all possible, keep it away from trees and other objects that can damage it during a storm.

Follow Official Instructions
Check the radio, television, and other sources of media for any emergency information. Staying informed helps you best plan for your family and these channels have safety procedures provided by experts.

We cherish each of our fellow mermaids and we hope that Hurricane Lane is the closest that our island home will have with a natural disaster. Regardless of what is in the current forecast, it is always a good idea to be prepared because you never really know what could happen in the future.


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