Spring 2020 Video featuring the California Honeydrops

Spring 2020 Video featuring the California Honeydrops

Posted by Samantha Howard on

Wings Hawaii was born as an expression of personal metamorphosis. Surrounded by hundreds of butterflies, we couldn't deny that both our hearts and minds are ever changing and growing. We find ourselves coming back to this original expression in our Spring Collection. As we move out of winter, bloom with our surroundings and adapt to new circumstances, we want to remember that we are all in a constant state of flux - that we are ever evolving with ourselves and the world we live in. We feel that this collection and its meaning resonates now more than ever and hope that these pieces serve as a reminder of hope for all that is to come. Featuring our very most favorite band- The California Honeydrops ; Thank You check them out www.cahoneydrops.com for all of the positive vibes you could ever ask for. Thank you so much to them for allowing us to use their music to get the message out, that we just really want to thank you.

Video shot at The Hali'imaile Filling Station Maui, HI by Samantha Howard
Models: Lucy Thompson Laird + Emma Rich
Featuring Lei by : Lauren Shearer ; Hawaii Flora + Fauna
Clothing + Jewelry by: Wings Hawaii
Accompanied by stills shot by: Tara Lionberger
Additional styling by: CJ Jones


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