Top 5 Reasons Supporting Local Business Is Important

Top 5 Reasons Supporting Local Business Is Important

Posted by Shelby Ohashi-Sides on

One of the things that we love about our Paia boutique is the community that surrounds it. North Shore Maui truly would not be the same if it weren’t for the entrepreneur types who have called the area home. From the locally-owned clothing and souvenir shops to the ono-licious grinds, you are sure to find a place in this piece of paradise. So whether you are a wandering traveler or one of our resident mermaids, we encourage you to consider supporting local small businesses versus the big box stores that litter the island. And in case you need some more convincing, here are our top five reasons why:

Positively Impacts The Local Economy
We know, we know. The economy is less than an exciting read but shopping local keeps a significant amount of money to circulate the community versus a larger corporation. We as business owners feel a little more compelled to support other’s dreams, but we encourage you the consumer to be more conscious of where as well as who your money is going to. It really is the trick to keeping the Maui community rich, in money as well as culture.

Improves Your Family’s Overall Health and Well Being
And while we are on the topic of positive impacts, purchasing from local business owners helps keep your family vibing and thriving. Farmers Markets, as well as island grocers, carry local produce as well as eggs and grass-fed meats, providing you access to chemical-free and fresh ingredients to add to your dinner table.

Know The People Behind The Product
Not only does supporting local businesses mean that you know where your products come from but you also know the people behind its creation. Quality handmade goods are hard to come by in this age of mass production and there is a certain appreciation for those who take the care to make something of their craft. And the best part of shopping small is that you will most likely meet the genius behind your new favorite item.

Better And More Customized Customer Service
Small business owners have a great appreciation for each interaction and transaction. They understand that you work hard for your money and they want to make sure that your shopping experience is worth it. Whether it is remembering your name or a personal thank you note with your online purchase, local businesses take the extra time to add a special touch.

Keep Your Community Unique
We already mentioned how much we love our funky little surfer town, and that Paia just wouldn’t be Paia without the local businesses within it. Chain businesses might offer convenience but they don’t have that extra something that local businesses bring to the community.

These are just five reasons why you should shop local with future purchases but honestly, the list is almost endless. Entrepreneurs are what our country thrives off of and it goes a long way to step into a small boutique versus the nearest big box store. Here at Wings Hawaii, we are incredibly grateful for all the souls that have passed through our doors and we look forward to serving you in the moments to come!


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