Wander the Enchated Floral Gardens of Kula

Wander the Enchated Floral Gardens of Kula

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Tucked within the gentle slopes of Haleakala mountain is one of Maui’s best-kept secrets that is just waiting to be discovered. Reopened in late 2017, the Enchanted Floral Gardens of Kula invites our fellow free spirits to explore a little wild nature. Spanning over eight lush acres, this upcountry oasis brings a lot more than just a collection of tropical as well as subtropical plants to wander through. So enter the vine-covered arches and get to know this new place in paradise!

Interactive Classes and Group Tours
There is nothing more relaxing than simply strolling through this peaceful retreat and listening to the occasional birdsong or gentle rustle of leaves in the island breeze. As you are relaxing in the different nooks nestled along the paths, the Enchanted Gardens now features a little more “hands-on” experience that could leave you even more appreciative of Maui’s natural beauty. From flower arrangements to theater and the guided walks in between, the interactive classes and group tours are a great family-friendly way to create some memories together.

Upcoming Events and Social Gatherings
As a part of the plan to grow into the Kula community, the Enchanted Gardens team has curated events and live entertainment to add to your experience. Hawaiian slack key guitar player, Richard Dancil as well as the Jazz Sax man, Rock Henderson have been featured in June 2018 alone and more island talent is expected in the coming events.

And with all the hard work that has been put into rejuvenating the landscape over the last two years, the owner felt like it was a shame not to share its new beauty. As a result, this venue is now opened to host a variety of private gatherings ranging from social parties to magical moments. So whether you are here on vacation looking to create unique Maui memories or planning a dream wedding in Hawaii, there is a scenic setting to reserve here.

Deals and Packages
Passionate about creating a space for visitors and locals alike to frequently escape to, the Enchanted Gardens have worked out a discounted admission fee for year round visits. Annual passes allow for as many visits as you wish without your wallet paying a pretty price. And for our resident mermaids, there are also kamaaina rates available!

A new shuttle service has also been added to the list of perks here at the Enchanted Gardens, making your day a lot more worry-free. Simply choose amongst the pickup locations and enjoy your day in the upcountry air!

When you are ready to wrap up your day in the now not so secret gardens, don’t forget to pass through the gift shop on your way out! There are a number of local artists on display that has captured pieces of Hawaii in their own unique way. And if you couldn’t find the Maui gift you were looking for, pop on by our Paia boutique as you make your way down the mountainside.


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