Where to Eat - North Shore Maui

Where to Eat - North Shore Maui

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“I survived the Road to Hana,” you have seen it on a souvenir or two and hopefully you are on your way back from your latest Maui adventure. If you happen to be driving through the surfer town of Paia, Maui - why not stop by for a bite?

where to eat on maui vegan option acai bowl wings hawaii paia maui

Paia Bowls
Founded by resident surfer boys, Ian and Luke Walsh, the acai bowl cafe is a go-to choice after a day in the Hawaiian sun at some of the best beaches on Maui. As a refreshing, healthier alternative to fueling your body for more Hawaii activities, we definitely recommend Paia Bowls for breakfast, lunch, and maybe even a snack!

paia fish market where to eat on maui from wings hawaii

Paia Fish Market
With freshly caught fish served in a soft corn tortilla and the best coleslaw on North Shore Maui, there really is no wonder why there is a line coming out the door. If you are on the hunt for some tasty seafood, Paia Fish Market is the place to get it! Plus ordering at the counter and the community seating really adds to the laid-back vibe that makes Paia town so unique.

where to eat on maui by wings hawaii cafe des amis crepes salad and mezze platters

Cafe Des Amis
From savory to sweet and all the flavors in between, this is the perfect stop for a party with different cravings. As a fusion of French, Mediterranean, and Indian cuisine, Cafe Des Amis has a unique menu that makes for the perfect meeting place for a variety of locals and visitors alike.

where to eat on maui flatbread pizza and cocktails wings hawaii

Flatbread Company
Whether you are just staying in Maui for vacation or a resident mermaid stretching your tail, if you are hungry for pizza there is no other place that will do you justice. A fan favorite from just about anyone you will talk to is the mopsy but the menu is pretty friendly to all types of tastes and gives you a chance to get to know Maui through the fresh ingredients sourced locally.

If you happen to be wandering around looking for other things to do in Paia, pop on over to our seafoam green storefront! We love hearing what your favorite North Shore Maui restaurants are, so come on by!


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