Why Vintage Is More Than Just A Trend

Why Vintage Is More Than Just A Trend

Posted by Shelby Ohashi-Sides on


From the heat on your cheeks after your very first kiss to the sweet comfort of your millionth, the contagious laughter of a girl’s night out to that blissful sigh after that initial sip of coffee - your favorite items take and bring those memories to life. So when you have long moved to another adventure and leave your once beloved favorites behind, those cherished moments will live on.

Vintage clothes are more than the latest fashion trend, they create a rare chance to wear a memory and we at Wings Hawaii would like to remind you that “things” do not have to be disposable - they can easily be made into a timeless experience. We believe that handmade jewelry and clothing bring out a special kind of happiness and when you mix that with vintage goods, magic happens.

In the age of mass production and machine-made uniformity, we find our fellow free spirits have a unique craving for those tiny imperfections and recognizable effort that can only be seen in hand craftsmanship. And while everyone is looking to be the same, we hope to bring out the rebel in each of us with our vintage boyfriend button-downs and jackets. Featuring our signature crochet detailing and a few other features that add a touch of aloha, our one-of-a-kind products give a sense of individuality that cannot be found anywhere else than right here in Hawaii. Not to mention that upcycling is great for the environment and as an eco-conscious brand, we are all about that.

When you shop vintage as well as local, you are sure to come across a distinct quality that simply cannot compare to mainstream items. So whether you are a traveling soul just passing through or our local soul sis, wander over to our little waystation and breath some new life into our latest collection.


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