Charm Necklace - Sunrise + Aquamarine + Sunstone


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This necklace was inspired by one our head designer wears. It is a collection of special pieces, all creating a unique aspect to this lovely piece. This necklace features the most rainbow full Aquamarine that we have ever seen, the most perfect orange sunrise shell to ever exist, and our favorite Oregon Sunstone. This is the best little charm collection yet.

Aquamarine is the stone of courage and helps accelerate one's intellectual reasoning process. According to legend, it has its origins in the treasure chest of mermaids and has for ages been reputed to be a lucky stone for sailors. Aquamarine is the birthstone for March and corresponds with the astrological signs Scorpio and Gemini.

Sunrise Shells are a type of small scallop native to the Hawaiian Islands. As the story goes, these rare gems were once the exclusive property of Hawaiian royals. They were thought to be sacred and would bestow blessings to the wearer. Now days to find one you either have to go deep diving or hope that luck is on your side as you take your sunrise beach stroll. The Sunrise Shell represents the Aloha spirit, hope, strength, happiness, and joy.

Sunstone is known to boost self-discipline, faith, and the desire to serve a greater good. As an inspiration stone, it bestows freedom, independence, and happiness. Sunstone is said to reduce fear, alleviate stress and bring good luck to your life. A stone of power, it brings in abundance, independence, strength, mental clarity, and expanded consciousness to the wearer.

- 14k Yellow Gold Chain and findings
- Aquamarine
- Oregon Sunstone
- Hawaiian Sunrise Shell

- 24" Chain