Leis fo Deis Painting - Pink Lei 11x14"


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Introducing "Leis fo Deis," paintings an exquisite collection of vibrant artworks. Among these masterpieces stands the captivating "Classic Pink Lei," an 11x14 in. colorful artwork that has a distinct energy capable of livening up any space it adorns. 

Kau'ilani Mizner, a local Maui artist, is a vibrant creative force whose artistic endeavors encompass the realms of painting and weaving.
 With each brushstroke, Kau'ilani effortlessly captures the essence of life, infusing her works with a radiant energy that resonates deeply with all who encounter them. Her art, a reflection of her boundless spirit, serves as a testament to her profound love for both her craft and her cherished island home of Maui.

- Acrylic on Canvas, wood float frame

- 11x14"