Teardrop Yellow-Orange Zircon Ring - 14K Yellow Gold


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This breathtaking beauty—Yellow-Orange Zircon ring, where a clear stone unveils a mesmerizing dance of orange and yellow hues within its teardrop shape. Harmonizing with the golden warmth of the band, this enchanting piece transcends mere adornment, transforming into a whimsical testament to the allure and magic woven into your unique story.

Brown Zircon helps to heal headaches and is highly grounding. Colorless Zircon aides in clearing the aura. Red Zircon heals injuries, soothes pains and is especially helpful with ear infections. Colorless/Yellow Zircon will clear one’s entire aura, bring sleep and give wisdom in stressful times.

- Yellow-Orange Zircon
- 14K Yellow Gold

- 10 x 7 mm Sunstone
- 2.72 cts.
- Size 7