At Wings Hawai'i we value creativity, inventiveness, and serious follow through.  Our motto is, "She believed she could, so she did."  We like the dreamers of the world but we LOVE the makers. We cater to an international cult of shoppers, who appreciate handmade, heartfelt creations, with a special island touch. We keep these fans at the heart of everything we do. Our growth is evidence of our devotion to our customers and our commitment to hard work and new ideas... but we never forget to have fun and let out our inner mermaid!
If you've got mad skills in sewing, pattern making, screen printing, metal fabricating, photography, graphic design, illustration, merchandising, boutique working, shop girling or something else awesome that you think we'd be into - we want to hear from you! Or if you are a student or an intern who wants to put a foot in the door and get into the competitive industry that fashion is, let us know! We have a constantly growing team and always try to be open minded to the amazing wealth of people that Maui has to offer. ♥