SO much love for the Spring Season, our hearts are full of gratitude.

We were so graciously welcomed into the space of maker Lauren, Bespoke Lei mastermind behind Hawaii Flora and Fauna and co-owner of the Hali'imaile Filling Station.

Her unique style elevates our collection. All floral Lovliness is by Lauren.

Dream a little Dream of Me.

The Dream Collection of Jewelry is the essence of Spring. Bright colors nestled in the dew drops of Moonstone.

Fluorite Dream Ring  /  Aquamarine Cuff  /  Peridot Ring

Our First Ever complete Tea Set.

Your table never looked so good.

Peace Sign Blouse  /  Sun Denim

Wings Hawaii was born as an expression of personal metamorphosis. Surrounded by hundreds of butterflies, I couldn't deny that both my heart and mind had changed and grown.

I was assigned to create a piece that you could wear on your person, and a single butterfly wing was the only way I knew how to express what I was feeling. This theme repeats in our jewelry and the current version of these tiny wings I hope allows the wearer to remember that we are all in a constant state of flux - but that we are ever evolving into the version of ourselves we want to be.

Life is But a Dream

"Most lei in general are ephemeral, such as life.  Life is fleeting just as a flower blossoming, fruiting, and seeding is.  A lei can provide a means of bringing a new perception to a specific plant, flower, fruit, or seed.  Wearing a lei or even a lei in your vicinity is powerful, it has a lot of mana (power) in it, and though some are not made to last forever for many moments they are perfect.  By wearing it, feeling it, and looking at it you can get a major endorphin boost. My main goal is to use a lei as a means to connect humanity back to the root of your surrounding nature and to appreciate that life is an ever changing entity. "

   -- Lauren, HI Flora + Fauna

Fluorite Dream Ring  /  Aquamarine Cuff

Bespoke Lei  /  Sun + Moon serving platter

The home of Hawaii Flora and Fauna :

Unique,  Foraged,  Bespoke Lei.

we are in this together

Emma Dress  /  Sun + Moon Vest

reflect what you want to see.

be real.

share love.

photography by Tara Timpone @tarashay_


Lucy Thompson Laird   +   Emma Rich


Hali'imaile filling station

Lei and Florals by

Lauren Shearer of Hawaii Flora + Fauna

A heartfelt thank you to Lauren and Beth for sharing their spaces with us. Perfectly curated just as it is. Wonders in every nook and inspiration all around. It was everything that we could imagine and more.

Mahalo Nui Loa

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