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Our Fall Collection came from a deeply grounding place. We wanted something we could sink our teeth into, lose our heart in.

As we strung pearls and hand-stitched garments, we wove in our stories. Our stories of love, our heartache of loss, our biggest mountains and our saving graces. We pieced together this collection from the bottom of our hearts, each fabric scrap and gemstone as true as the passing moment. What came out of it is a gratification only makers hands could know.

We hope you will cherish these pieces & continue to weave their stories with every season of your day.

Crystals are conduits for the healing energy of the Earth.

The stones vibrations are said to arise from the unique way their atoms and molecules move and interact, providing health for the mind, body and spirit.

Pull from our Crystal Card deck for a divine message or search for the gemstone that speaks to you.

Our Fall collection showcases signature patchwork of vintage fabrics in an unrestrained way, blending vibrant pieces of time alongside one another for a garment that is truly one of a kine. 

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We didn't just want to create something pretty- we wanted to create something potent.

Our winter collection centers around powerful stones and south seas pearls, talismans of the mana we channel everyday.

"to know something in its wholeness you must accept its mystery"

Model- Brook Power

Photographer- Tara Timpone

Designer: Samantha Howard

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