Life in the Moment.

Is all that Matters.

Enjoy it !

Live it !

This is not a dress rehearsal. So strip down and take the plunge.

Vintage Inspiration

Relaxed Aloha Style

Time in the sun,

toes in the sand.

Light misty rain on a hot hot hot day.

Rainbows on the mountain.

All signs of a perfect summer day.

E Komo Mai! Welcome to Hale Pau Hana, where the drinks flow freely, the time is always right and everyone knows your name.

Happiness Comes from Within

We hope that you are beaming with it in these sunbeam applique overalls.

The perfect pair

The essential bag

The perfect day

Its on its way.

Shorties, sunbeams and rainbows, Oh my!

Model- Makoa AhSam

Photographer- Tara Timpone

Designer: Samantha Howard

All Pearls, All the time

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