Fall in Love with Our New Wings Hawaii Store

Fall in Love with Our New Wings Hawaii Store

Posted by Shelby Ohashi-Sides on

Once upon a time, there was a cozy little mom-and-pop shop that served arguably the best cup of joe in North Shore Maui. For those resident mermaids familiar with our beloved beachside town, you may or may not remember Anthony’s Coffee Co. It was a popular spot for freshly roasted coffee beans, a unique selection of island gifts, and the tastiest Road to Hana picnic lunches.

When one of our favorite coffee places closed their doors, it was an incredibly sad day but we are happy to announce that our most recent Wings Hawaii move has finally cleared the boarded-up windows and breathed new life into this historic spot. Though instead of a rich brew, our newest location is serving up handmade goods, vintage finds, and our most recent addition - flower bouquets. So in case you missed the memo, we have spent the month of September making the slow transition from our iconic seafoam storefront to our biggest move yet! And as of October 1st, we have officially closed a five-year chapter and opened a new one to add to our story.

So what’s new?

Flower Fridge
As we have mentioned before, we are expanding our repertoire to include fresh flower bouquets sourced from our very own backyards. So enter our new space and take a peek into what natural creation has hit the fridge that morning, you just might find the perfect floral piece to go with the mermaid-inspired home goods in your shopping cart!

Larger Space
Whether you have been a long time Wings Hawaii supporter or one of the travelers that stopped by, you may notice just how big this new space really is. With more room to move and grow in, we have truly been able to thrive with our bohemian vibe. From the vintage rugs to the upcycled furniture, there have been more touches of the influential women behind the brand. Plus, a larger space means more handmade goodies for you to choose from.  

Comfortable Fitting Rooms
Just one of the many recent additions that we are obsessing over is our fitting room space. Not only is it more spacious, for you to get down into your new island attire but it really ties in the shop into a near perfect bow.

The list goes on and the possibilities for this store is almost endless, so why not pop on by and experience the changes yourself! We would love to hear your thoughts!

And before we go, the Wings Hawaii Team would like to give a warm mahalo to each of you have supported us over the years. We see you and we greatly appreciate you for the radness that you are!


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