Paia, A Town Like No Other

Paia, A Town Like No Other

Posted by Shelby Ohashi-Sides on

Deeply rooted in the Hawaiian sugar industry, Paia is a colorful town that has made its way into a number of guidebooks and has a permanent place in our hearts. As home to our flagship store this once booming plantation town, now serves as the North Shore Maui hub for local art, boutique shopping, and good eats.

It is here that you will discover a lively mix of free spirits, sightseers, and sun-kissed lovers. So, come along with us and discover what Paia Town has in store for you!

From the perfect gift from Maui to the latest in island-inspired home goods, the unique shops that make up most of Paia’s storefronts offer locally made items that you probably won’t find anywhere else. You might even come across a vintage good that adds a special touch of aloha to your own personal style.

Almost anyone you ask will tell you that choosing a place to eat in Paia is almost impossible...they are just that good. With locally sourced ingredients and a ton of culinary talent, these restaurants are serving up diverse flavors in each bite.

Whether you are just dropping in for a few nights or hoping to settle down into your next island home, there are a large number of options that place you in the heart of Paia. Start launching your Hawaii adventures from one of the inns, bed, and breakfasts, or vacation rentals. And if you happen to be looking to stay forever, the Maui realtors in the area have you covered!

So if you happen to be heading back from the road to Hana or wandering the island countryside, we definitely recommend popping by Paia town. Between the best Maui beaches and the ono grinds, it is incredibly easy to see why it is a fast favorite of just about anyone who stops in!


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