28" Gemstone Necklace - Garden Quartz

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Beautiful Garden Quartz crystal on a gold filled chain.

Garden Stone, otherwise known as Lodolite is a type of quartz which can be embedded with moss or other earthly elements. Because of this, Garden stone will resemble a landscape or sea floor. This stone is amazing at connecting you with your higher self or the spirit realm. Garden stone works hard at dissolving negative emotions from the heart so you have more room for peace. Its vibration is gentler than that of Clear Quartz, and it is a comforting, nurturing crystal to have near if you are going through any form of emotional struggle. Work with Lodolite if you are gently trying to open our third eye.

*Please note that all gems are unique and may vary slightly from the one featured in the photo.

- Garden Quartz
- Gold Filled Chain and Findings

- 1/2"x 3/4" stone 
- 28" chain