Clasp Hoop Earrings - Hackmanite


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Adorn yourself with the beauty of these earrings, showcasing stunning Hackmanite charms delicately hanging from clasped gold-filled hoops. Choose to wear them with the charms or remove for a more simplified look. A perfect addition to your jewelry trove, effortlessly enhancing every outfit with their understated yet captivating allure.

Although referred to as a gemstone, Hackmanite is actually sulfur chloric sodium aluminum silicate mineral that crystalizes in various formations on earth. Hackmanite is also knows as the chameleon stone because is showcases color changing qualities. Some feel hackmanite assists with perception, problem-solving, and connecting with the world from a higher consciousness. Others associate the stone with feelings of balance, tranquility, and heightened intuition. We suggest wearing hackmanite when faced with a problem which needs solving. Hackmanite is an excellent gemstone for anyone born under the symbol of Sagittarius. Sagittarians are genuine, energetic, innovative thinkers who seem to be up for a challenge.

- Hackmanite
- Gold Filled Hoops

- 18mm Hoops
- 21mm Stone and Pendant

*Each stone is natural, one of a kind and hand cut. There will be unique qualities to each set of earrings.