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These local Thai peppers, like all of our other peppers, are grown organically and with love. Then they’re fermented for a minimum of 3 months before we begin making the sauce. The Thai Chili sauce has a medium level of heat and goes excellent in Asian dishes.  

Kauai Juice Co. is a purpose-driven company committed to fostering a positive impact within its community. With a mission to seamlessly connect local farmers with consumers, the company serves as an easily accessible and uplifting choice for its customers. Dedicated to minimizing its environmental footprint, Kauai Juice Co. aims to be a beacon of positivity, promoting health, happiness, and the spirit of Aloha.

Size: 5oz bottle

- Apple cider vinegar*
- Fermented Thai pepper*
- Fermented Hawaiian chili pepper**
- Maui onion**
- Ginger**
- Garlic*
- Cold pressed pineapple juice**
- Hawaiian sea salt**

Be Advised: 
- This sauce contains fermented peppers. Fermentation is known to increase bioavailable nutrients in food, as well as produce B vitamins, lactic acid and omega 3's. So you might feel awesome as a result of consuming it!

*Certified organic 
**Sourced locally