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Several over-the-counter sunscreens contain toxic ingredients or endocrine disrupting chemicals that in many cases may actually promote skin cancer growth and free radical production in the body. Many sunscreens also kill coral reef reproduction and are extremely harmful to aquatic life. They are now illegal in the state of Hawaii.

We’ve carefully combined all the top certified plant-based ingredients to protect skin from UVA and UVB sun rays, non-harming towards mother earth and reefs. Say no to spray, a little of this goes a long ways! Mineral based and tattoo friendly.

Ingredients in this recipe have a natural SPF. 

Note this is a natural recipe and has not been tested by a regulatory organization.

Coconut Oil: SPF 4-6
Zinc Oxide: SPF 2-20 depending on how much used (main active ingredient)
Red Raspberry Seed Oil: SPF 25-50
Carrot Seed Oil: SPF 35-40
Shea Butter: SPF 4-6