Rose Cut Gemstone Ring - Moonstone 14k


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Stunning Rose Cut Moonstone rings, a mesmerizing fusion of elegance and enchantment. This radiant Moonstone, delicately prong-set in a 14k gold band, exudes a captivating allure that effortlessly complements any ensemble. Embrace the ethereal beauty of this meticulous piece, hand-crafted in our Haiku studio.

Moonstone has been since the beginning a stone that connects one to the magic of the moon and the natural rhythms of life. A stone of wishes, intuition, and balance, it brings all to you that is needed. Moonstone helps to open the heart, accept love and enhance self-acceptance and expression. Moonstone is the birthstone for June and corresponds with the astrological signs of Gemini and Cancer.

- Moonstone
- 14k Yellow Gold

A Size 6.75 | 12mm x 10mm stone
Size 7.25 | 15mm x 11mm stone
Size 7.5 | 10mm x 10mm stone