Trapiche Amethyst Slice Necklace


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These Slice Necklaces feature a stunning prong-set Trapiche Amethyst stone, elegantly suspended in 14k gold-filled wire that accentuates its unique shape. This enchanting piece is ideal for layering with your favorite necklaces. Each Trapiche Amethyst is matched with a chain that complements its natural beauty. Don’t miss your chance to add this rare gem to your collection!

Trapiche amethyst gemstone is said to 
strengthen the endocrine and immune systems. Due to the unique crystal formation, it is said to enhance brain activity, increase concentration, and energize the person that wears it.

- Trapiche Amethyst
- Gold Filled Chain & Findings

- 30mm x 28mm | 24" Length Satellite chain
B - 36mm x 21mm | 24" Length Box Chain
C - 28mm x 28mm | 24" Length Satellite Chain
D - 30mm x 20mm | 24" Length Box Chain
E - 26mm x 23mm | 24" Length Box Chain
F - 29mm x 26mm | 24" Length Satellite Chain

*Please note that each stone is unique and naturally may vary in color, size, and shape. Rest assured, every single piece is adorable and truly one-of-a-kind. Should you wish to view a photo of the item in this style please feel free to reach out to us at