Top 5 Reasons Why Buying Handmade is Better

Top 5 Reasons Why Buying Handmade is Better

Posted by Shelby Ohashi-Sides on

From the mountain to the sea, inspiration can be found just about anywhere here in Hawaii. Channeling the powerful ocean and bohemian influence of our free-spirited home, Wings Hawaii creates collections of jewelry, clothing, and accessories with caring hands. It is almost first nature to compare handmade goods to mass production but in reality, there is no comparison. It is not made the same, it is not sold the same, and it is not received in the same way. There is something special about purchasing an item that has been given a unique touch and that can only be seen in handmade products. So what makes buying handmade better?

It is a Creative’s Love Language
With any small business comes big dreams and a whole lot of passion. Each crystal necklace and printed tee has been touched with love that translates to a one-of-kind item and adds an overall sense of exclusivity. Unlike mass produced products, a handmade good has been created with a small piece of the designer and will never look exactly like its sister.

It Can Fit Your Needs Better
Since you are dealing directly with the artisan, you might have the option of customizing an item to match what you are looking for. Whether it is a shorter necklace chain or an extra stitch, depending on the creative, you might just be able to make minor tweaks or order a completely custom good.

Handmade Goes Beyond the Now
Made within the necessary time and care, a handmade product is held to a higher quality than others on the market and can be expected to live a longer lifetime. Handmade can be forever and our favorite handmade goods have been there for all of our most special moments. So when we have long moved on to our newest favorite, those cherished memories will experience new life in a vintage design.

It Takes Care of the Environment
Creating with our hands takes a lot less energy than a production line making it a more environmental-friendly option. Sustainability is an important part of living in Hawaii, so opting for a local boutique that carries handmade goods is a great alternative.  

It Offers a Personal Shopping Experience
When you purchase from a local business here in Hawaii, you are supporting individuals within the Maui community. It is an intimate transaction that takes out the mainstream middleman and is really the best type of win-win scenario. You as a customer get to support true artists that love what they do, enjoy an item that no one else will, and enable that individual to continue pursuing their dreams.

And if you are a resident mermaid you might even get to see your impact in action. Like most Maui artists, you can most likely find us at our seafoam-green waystation, out snorkeling for ocean gems, or even grabbing a bite at our favorite North Shore grind. So pop on by the shop today and chat with us, we would love to hear what dreams you are weaving!  


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