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Tucked within the gentle slopes of Haleakala mountain is one of Maui’s best-kept secrets that is just waiting to be discovered. Reopened in late 2017, the Enchanted Floral Gardens of Kula invites our fellow free spirits to explore a little wild nature.

enchanted gardens kula

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Wings Hawaii has always been there for the fellow free spirits that have stopped along the way and we have branched out greatly since launching our first physical location in 2006. From our home in the Hawaiian Islands all the way to the East Coast, we are featuring some of the greatest digs from local artisans. So where can you discover our handmade collections of jewelry and clothes?

surfger girls

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If Disney’s Lilo and Stitch taught us anything is that ohana (family) is highly valued here in the islands, and is especially dear to our hearts here at Wings Hawaii. Along with our influential mothers, the time spent creating memories with our fathers has helped us have the drive to do what we do. Whether you are celebrating a new daddy, an experienced father, or a dad in between, if your Hawaiian vacation aligns with June 17th we have some things to do in Maui that is all about him!

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Here at Wings Hawaii, we think the best way to get to know Valley Isle is to actually get out. Hop in your car, put a little distance between you and the resorts, and experience the island’s natural beauty.

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When we are not chatting with customers in the Paia boutique or off creating in the studio, we are enjoying the Hawaiian sun kissing our cheeks at one of the best Maui beaches. Read More
From the mountain to the sea, inspiration can be found just about anywhere here in Hawaii. Channeling the powerful ocean and bohemian influence of our free-spirited home, Wings Hawaii creates collections of jewelry, clothing, and accessories with caring hands. It is almost first nature to compare handmade goods to mass production but in reality, there is no comparison.  Read More
“I survived the Road to Hana,” you have seen it on a souvenir or two and hopefully you are on your way back from your latest Maui adventure. If you happen to be driving through the surfer town of Paia, Maui - why not stop by for a bite? Read More
As such strong influences in our lives, we fondly look back at memories with mom that helped mold us into the makers and shakers we are today! We are constantly celebrating the incredible women in our lives but this Mother’s Day we have some extra special things in mind. Read More
With lush tropical mountains and warm white-sand beaches, there is a lot to love about life in Hawaii. If you have fallen in love with the Valley Isle on your most recent Maui vacation and have been wondering what it’s like living in Hawaii, we would like you to keep in mind that there can be a price to paradise. As an island chain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with a high dependency on imported goods, the Hawaii community naturally values sustainability and clean, alternative energy. Read More
Summer is right around the corner and Maui adventure is waiting. You have heard of the iconic Road to Hana with approximately 600 curves and 54 bridges, so we are sure that you have asked yourself a few times, “is it really worth it?” In our resident opinion, of course the natural beauty of the seemingly untouched landscape is worth the drive! From the glimpses of rushing waterfalls to the to-die-for banana bread in Keanae, what better way to get to know Hawaii than to experience all that she has to offer? So if you are looking for things to do in Maui and destination Hana makes it on the itinerary, we have a few tips to keep in mind before you hit the road. Read More