What Inspires Us

What Inspires Us

Posted by Shelby Ohashi-Sides on

Wings Hawaii is blessed to be surrounded by lush sceneries, as well as traveling adventurers and a lot of our creations, are drawn from the culture here on Maui. At our very core, we are a handful of creative souls that enjoy making people happy through our handmade products. Whether it is some sustainable arm candy or a vintage outfit, we have been committed since 2002 to creating seasonal collections that celebrate you - our fellow beach bums and sun-kissed lovers.

So what keeps us inspired?

Wild Nature
Deeply rooted here in Hawaii, a lot of our day-to-day inspiration stems from our full-fledged romance with nature. From barefoot adventures to afternoon beach sessions, we have a great appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us and we best communicate that through our craft. As local artisans, we channel beautiful places to translate into the pieces that you see in our shop each and every day.

Unique Community
This is a brand built for free spirits and celebrates the bohemian lifestyle of North Shore Maui.  We absolutely love to connect with those who share the same love for life and our wayward station in the heart of Paia town offers us the perfect space to do just that.

Our Real Life Mermaids
Along with the lush tropics and the rad community, what inspires us to show up most is the badass people that surround us. Photographers, artists, and entrepreneurs, we have had the awesome pleasure of working with so much talent and that keeps us motivated to keep growing with each of you.  

We just wanted to express a warm mahalo to those who have spread their wings with us over the years and we are excited to what the future holds.


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